While modern-day Pompeii may feel like an extension of Naples, it is also the site of archaeological wonders that continue to enthral thousands of visitors each year. The preservation of the Ruins of Pompeii is nothing short of remarkable, and you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back in time whilst exploring the ancient Roman city that suffered the wrath of Mother Nature when Mt Vesuvius blew its lid in AD 79. History buffs will also love the Sanctuary of the blessed Virgin of the Rosary, a cathedral, shrine and basilica where worshipers gathered to honour the painting Our Lady of the Rosary. Visit the Forum, the centre of city life in Pompeii prior to the eruption, and the Amphitheatre – the oldest surviving structure of its kind in the world. Pompeii is a city that has been plagued by chaos, but now its fascinating ruins welcome visitors to see history as it happened.