The Lakes

The Italian Lakes in the far north of the country forms one of the most picturesque places in Europe. Beauty can be found around every twist and turn and just when you thought you were immune to the region’s good looks... you’ll spot a scene so stunning your breath will catch in your chest. Colour bursts from lakeside gardens, fishing boats bob in marinas, islands rise from glassy waters and quaint hotels line waterfronts. Lake Como is considered the most stunning of all. Visit its shining star, Bellagio, dubbed the Pearl of the Lake, and sit in one of its scattered villages with a glass of pinot grigio while taking in views of terracotta roofs and old-world architecture. Sirmione, on the intense blue waters of Lake Garda, the largest of Italy’s lakes, is a must-see for its 13th century fairytale castle, the Rocca Scaligera. While you’re here be sure to bliss out in the thermal spas. Enjoy a bite to eat at a trattoria on the shore of Lake Lugano, and take in views of the glacial waters that straddle the border of southern Switzerland and northern Italy. Wander along the edge of Lake Maggiore in Stresa until you arrive at the stunning terraced gardens of Villa Taranto and check out baroque art while visiting the Borromean Islands. Wherever you go, the Lakes will leave you spellbound.