Modern cities and towns are graced with grand Arabian architecture mirroring the
historic fortresses that remain from when Oman was a major power in the Arabian
Gulf.

Satisfy cravings for a Middle Eastern adventure in this amazing country where modern cities still harbour historic fortresses and amazing souks. Its ocean is spectacular and a favourite with scuba divers and sailors, while inland the landscape varies dramatically. Rugged mountain ranges are home to lush valleys, orchards of exotic fruits and tiny traditional villages. Then there’s the Empty Quarter, immense stretches of shifting dunes inhabited by Bedouins. Head out with a guide in a 4WD or stay overnight in a luxurious desert camp.

In the north is the isolated Musandam Peninsula. Here, stunning cliffs erupt from the sea, and fisherman travel in traditional wooden boats known as dhows.

For action, culture and a taste of adventure, head to Oman.


  • Take a dip in the stunning Bimah sinkhole, a limestone crater filled with stunning emerald water.
  • Explore the seventeenth-century fort in Nizwa before heading to the souk where artisans craft handmade daggers.
  • Join the locals and stroll the Muttrah Corniche at sunset in Muscat.
  • Visit a Bedouin family to learn about their traditional lifestyle.
  • Marvel at the Musandam Peninsula’s stunning fjords on a dhow cruise.