Nepal & Tibet

Snowy peaks, lush forests and beautiful Buddhist stupas all make up the fabric of Nepal and Tibet. Here you’ll find an enthralling blend of powerful nature and enduring spirituality. Read more...

Enter the havens of Nepal & Tibet and discover two lands of spirituality, centuries-old architecture and unfathomably powerful landscapes. Nepal – Home to eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains, including Mount Everest, rivals to it’s natural beauty of snow-capped peaks, vine-laden jungles and lush forest, are few and far between. With a spectacular array of wildlife, such as monkeys, deer and even the rare Bengal tiger, Nepal is without a doubt a nature-lovers haven. Neighbouring Tibet is the highest inhabited nation on earth , often called the ‘Roof of the World’, and home to snowy mountains, mirror-like lakes, Potala Palace and Buddhist disciples.

Immerse yourself in a dizzying experience of colour, aromatic scents and lively sounds in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu. Wander its markets, visit the royal palace, Hanuman Dhoka, and even take up the opportunity to make a traditional Nepalese meal with a local family.

A trip through the mountainous country is incomplete without delving into the spirituality that informs much of Nepalese culture and many ancient Hindu temples and age-old Tibetan monasteries dot the country. Visit Lumbini, Lord Buddha’s birthplace, practice yoga and mindfulness in a retreat burrowed between beautiful hills, or join pilgrims in their early morning venture to Swayambhunath, a Buddhist temple.

With welcoming locals, hidden hamlets, old-world charm, picturesque dusty roads and unrivalled natural beauty, a trip to Nepal and Tibet is enriching and rejuvenating.



  • Take a walk, waited to your ability, below the Himalayan mountain range, either at Pokhara’s Annapurna range or head toward Everest base camp.
  • Visit Bhaktapur where the clock turns back in one of the best preserved towns in the world, on a walk with a local inhabitant sharing his stories with you.
  • Stay at Chitwan, the once aristocratic hunting ground, now sanctuary. Despite the history of hunting trips in the area it now contains a unique and sizeable wildlife population, including elephants.
  • Sip hot tea while looking out at the immense peaks of Mount Everest in Tashinga – a humbling experience!