Journey through Myanmar and discover a land brimming with ancient pagodas, tiny villages, busy cities and paradise beaches. Read more...

After decades of isolation, Myanmar has only recently opened its doors to inquisitive travellers. Visitors have started trickling in, but with the tourism industry still in its infancy it’s still possible to immerse yourself in authentic Burmese culture, untainted by Western influence.

Monuments, temples, stupas and pagodas dot the picturesque land, showcasing Myanmar’s rich artistic and spiritual heritage. There’s no better place to find this beauty than in Bagan, where thousands of crumbling pagodas lie, waiting your perusal. Devour unforgettable views of the temples swathed in swirling pink mist on a hot-air balloon ride at sunrise, and weave between them on a horse carriage during the afternoon.

Get a taste of Burma’s artistic culture at the vibrant marketplaces scattered around the country, where you can admire the fine craftsmanship of artisans who work with jade, tapestry, wood, marble, silver and gold leaf. Take time to visit the famed Inle Lake, where a unique method of floating farming is fostered, and men fish with impressive, conical nets.

If you find yourself in the unlikely situation of tiring from the endless array of stunning pagodas, tea plantations and rice fields, make your way to Ngapali Beach, where white sand meets perfectly blue water. This is unspoilt paradise. On a journey through Myanmar, you’ll uncover a way of life where artistic, cultural and spiritual heritage blends harmoniously with the land. This is a treasure waiting to be explored.



  • Take an early morning balloon safari over Bagan’s many mystical pagodas as the sun casts it’s first rays on the temple spires.
  • Cruise the Irrawaddy River taking in the busy activity of the locals, both on the river and along the banks.
  • Climb to sacred ‘Golden Rock’ covered entirely in gold leaf and precariously balanced on the edge of a jagged cliff.
  • Immerse yourself in local culture while partaking in an oil lamp lighting ceremony at the Shwedagon Pagoda, and watch as the sun set over its giant gold-plated stupa.
  • Wander the length of the U Bein Bridge, the longest teakwood bridge in the world, which stretches over a kilometre. Photograph beautiful silhouettes against a blazing sky, formed as people cross it at dusk.
  • Discover the wonder of the floating villages on Inle Lake, where traditional fishermen balance on slender canoes, working their craft with coned nets.