India is a mosaic of ancient civilisations, mystical religions and colourful festivities. From the romantic Taj Mahal to ancient forts and palaces, its iconic monuments are unequalled. Read more...

Brimming with culture, history, a medley of faiths and a landscape that transforms from tangles of wild jungle to golden desert dunes, India is a fascinating country for travellers to explore. A feast for the eyes awaits you here – from vast monuments, such as the marbled beauty of the majestic Taj Mahal and the galleries of the Amber Fort, down to minute detail woven into fabric worn in every village. Then there’s the cuisine.

It’s impossible to resist the thrum of life in the cosmopolitan cities of Delhi and Mumbai, which blend traditional culture with a western lifestyle, but even more rewarding is a journey beyond their heaving streets. Roll through the countryside on a luxurious train or cruise famed waterways, stopping to visit traditional villages by the Ganges in the northeast and meeting fishermen on the picturesque backwaters of Kerala in the south. For culture seekers there are innumerable forts, palaces, mosques and bazaars to set foot in, and those searching for spirituality should head for the monasteries high in the Himalayas. Land and water-based safaris abound, inviting you to spot big cats and even dolphins as you get close to nature. When it’s time to relax, hammocks sway between palms on the beaches of Goa.

With such diversity on offer, a holiday here – whether for a week, a month or longer – will satisfy any curious soul. In fact, there’s so much to do, see and experience that figuring out where to begin can be a little bit overwhelming. Tempo makes a journey through this phenomenal country easy and incredibly rewarding. Let India enrich your life.



  • Experience a Taj Mahal sunrise or sunset. Better still, plan your visit over a full moon 5-day period.
  • Live and travel like a maharaja at a historical and palatial palace r heritage hotel and travel by one of our luxurious rail packages much as the Deccan Odyssey.
  • Take a rickshaw ride through Delhi’s 3-centuries old Chandni Chowk with its separate bazaar areas for gold, exotic spices, saris & silks to simple household items.
  • Spot jungle cats on a game drive through Ranthambore National Park.