Hungary's landscape evokes images of days gone by. There are more than 1500 castles, palaces and manor houses that have been built by different empires over the centuries. Read more...

Arty and vibrant, Hungary is a diverse country with roots that reach back to Roman, medieval and Ottoman times. Landlocked in the midst of Europe, this central beauty is a link to some of Europe’s other popular cities. View Turkish monuments and Roman ruins, gaze upon superb art in modern galleries and sip on wine made at local vineyards.

Nowhere is the contrast between the past and present more obvious than in the capital, Budapest, located on the picturesque Danube River. Tour Budapest’s iconic monuments like Vajdahunyad Castle, soak in Art Nouveau bath houses and top it all off with a panoramic view of the entire city from Gellert Hill. Explore the culinary delights Hungary has to offer by settling down with a local family and learning about traditional dishes like pogaca (bread baked in the ashes of a fire) and sipping on pálinka, a fruit brandy.

Catch a train south to Pécs, a lively city on the slopes of the Mecsek mountains. Visit Turkish ruins, discover the thriving art scene at the Gallery of Modern Hungarian Art, and take in the World Heritage-listed early Christian necropolis.

For a taste of the rural lifestyle, a scenic drive to Puszta will take you through the southern plains, where you can visit a local tavern and listen to traditional gypsy music.

With such a dynamic landscape, Hungary will ensure all your cultural and historical needs will be met.


  • Refresh in the healing spring-fed pools of the Szechenyi Baths.
  • Discover quaint villages and wooded hills along the Danube.
  • Get active in Lake Balaton, known as the Hungarian Sea, a favoured resort destination among locals.
  • Find remnants of ancient Ottoman culture in the Old Town of Györ.
  • Indulge in Hungary’s rich vineyard history while visiting wine bars in Budapest.