Cruising & Voyages

Venture into the exotic rainforest in the Amazon, cruise the whimsical canals and rivers of Europe, or sunbathe on deck as you float along on the Mediterranean. Read more...


Few holidays offer the unique combination of relaxation, adventure and discovery. For those travellers looking for the classic five star cruise experience, to those wanting to experience an adventure on the water, Tempo has something to suit everyone.

With a huge range of Mediterranean and Adriatic coastal cruises, expedition voyages and river cruises to choose from we have many options by sea or river available.

A cruising holiday with Tempo takes you to some of the most picturesque islands and sea ports in relaxed style, with beautiful cabins, delectable menus and fun onboard entertainment. The cruise is as much about the comfortable onboard experience as the beautiful parts of the world you will visit.

By contrast, an expedition voyage is all about the experience of discovering a new culture and landscape. Although comfortable cabins, these ships are purpose built for expeditions and not luxury cruising. Instead of formal dinners and onboard entertainment, there are lectures, science and discovery centres and environmental experts onboard.

A river cruise is a great, relaxed way to see some of Europe's oldest cities. With outstanding facilities, daily buffet breakfasts, three course meals for lunch and dinner, and comfortable air conditioned cabins, you will see Europe in style. Add on excursion packs for essential city tours with experienced local guides or simply alight at each destination and explore at your own pace!

Below are just a few of our longer cruise options, although we offer many long and short trips in Europe, Latin America, India and the subcontinent.

Expedition voyage

Experience the adventure of a lifetime on board one of the unique Hurtigruten itineraries. On the Green Coast of Brazil voyage experience the best that the Brazilian coast has to offer, with breathtaking beaches, vibrant culture, friendly people and, of course, samba music. Cruise past stunning rock formations, broken away from the mainland to create secluded turquoise coves and alight at port cities like Rio de Janeiro, where the very air feels full of vitality! Your ship, the MS Midnatsol, is equipped with comfortable facilities and world class chefs, creating menus inspired by the fresh produce picked up along the way. This route is available Northbound in March 2017 and Southbound in October 2017. 

To the true pioneers among us, nothing can beat a voyage down into Antarctica. Beginning in Santiago de Chile, the Legendary Magellan, Chilean fjords and Antarctica cruise runs for 18 days and takes you through some of the most breathtaking sights in the world. See penguins, sea birds, dolphins, whales, seals and sea lions, as well as icebergs, incredible fjords and huge glaciers in some of the most remote areas of the world. Participate in lectures and scientific exploration of the area, while off ship activities include kayaking among the ice-floes, a walking tour through the quaint Stanley on the Falkland Islands and more.

Cruising down Europe's rivers

The rivers of Europe have always been essential for trade between the many continental nations and have defined its cities' prosperity. Follow in the long tradition of watercraft on board your very own river cruise Across Europe, between Budapest and Amsterdam.

This 15 day tour takes you through Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Holland, stopping at the major ports along the way. Admire the remaining glory of the Austro Hungarian empire with the neo-classical architecture of the beautiful Vienna. Explore the ruins of medieval fortifications in Bratislava, or the imposing Imperial Castle and Justice Palace of the infamous Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal. Glide through the famous passage of Lorelei towards Cologne (where legend says a woman's voice can be heard singing) and enjoy a gala dinner accompanied by the ship's orchestra.

If you are looking to explore these idyllic parts of Europe, there is no better way to do it in comfort and style than aboard a romantic river cruise, with many optional day excursions to keep everyone entertained.

Classic coastal cruise

Relax on a coastal cruise in the Mediterranean or Adriatic Sea. The Highlights of the South Adriatic cruise from Trogir to Dubrovnik takes you along the coast of beautiful Croatia. This largely coastal nation is best seen by sea, with many islands to explore. Mingle with the rich and famous on the island of Hvar where the parties never stop, or take a leisurely bike ride to the lake-locked monastery on Mljet, through the verdant forests. The always buzzing Split, is steeped in history and curls elegantly around the harbour, blending ancient roman ruins with modern food, culture and shops. Another highlight is the picture-perfect town of Dubrovnik, with an old town that never fails to inspire awe and transports visitors to another world.

We offer many more breathtaking cruises throughout the Adriatic and Mediterranean as well as river cruises, expedition voyages and more, all through Europe, Latin America, and India & Subcontinent. To find out more – contact your agent or download one of our brochures.