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Sit back, relax and enjoy the best of the region on one of our coach tours, from the stark rocky crags of the Scottish Highlands to sunset over the beautiful fairy chimneys of Turkey. Read more...


With English guides, accommodation, transportation and meals sorted, see the best of a country without any hassle. On one of our carefully crafted coach journeys you will make international friends, encounter interesting experiences and relax in comfortable accommodation at the end of each day.

Tempo holidays offers a diverse range of coach tours through UK and Ireland, Europe, Latin America, and  India & Subcontinent. The itineraries vary in length, pace and even theme, but all are informative, fun and an easy way to see the best a region has to offer. The packages below are just a sample of the huge array of coach holidays on offer.

Castles, history and green pastures

The Grand Tour of Britain & Ireland spans 24 days beginning and ending in London. Let yourself be led from the cosmopolitan cities to places of ancient significance, like the mysterious Stonehenge or the Roman baths in Bath. Relive the clan wars in the Scottish Highlands, try to spot the elusive Loch Ness Monster and get swept up in romance at Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare's birthplace.

In Ireland, journey through the Blue Stack Mountains to Donegal to tour a 15th century castle and behold the incredible Cliffs of Moher, rising 214 metres above the crashing Atlantic Ocean. Lose yourself in the lush greenery of the Ring of Kerry and view the 8th century Book of Kells at Trinity College in Dublin.

Back across to the UK, travel through the breathtaking Snowdonia National Park and admire the Welsh countryside on your way to Cardiff. Drive out to Land's End, the most westerly point point of Britain and view the imposing St Michael's Mount, cut off from the mainland at high tide. Learn of the royal history at Windsor castle before returning to the bustling London to round out a thorough exploration of all that Britain and Ireland has to offer.

 Tour of antiquities 

Over 9 days, discover a fusion of the ancients and modernity on our Turkey Discovered tour. Begin where east meets west in Istanbul with its fascinating Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and the vibrant Grand Bazaar. Next, head to central Turkey to Cappadocia, land of the fairy chimneys and the 8th century church caves of Goreme. Drive along the Silk Road to Konya to visit the Whirling Dervishes Convent and enjoy the unique hot springs in the Pamukkale. Then its on to Ephesus, to explore the ancient city with extensive ruins of  2,000 year old buildings, including the magnificent Celsus library. Explore more ancient ruins at the legendary Troy and then onto more contemporary history, across the Strait of Dardenelles to Gallipoli. The coach tour concludes in Istanbul.

Brush up on your ancient Greek history on the Classical Greece coach tour over 3 days out of Athens. Visit the beautiful Peleponnese town of Nafplion and onwards to Mycenae, with the archaeological site and tomb of Agamemnon. Spend a night in Olympus, the birthplace of the ancient Olympic games and see the Sanctuary of Olympian Zeus, the Ancient Stadium and the Archaeological Museum. Your final night is spent in Delphi where you can visit the archaeological site and museum, before heading back to Athens.

Tempo offers many coach tours all over Europe, Latin America, the UK, Ireland and India & the Subcontinent - contact an agent or download one of our brochures.