The Charming Cotswolds

Hark back to the romantic era of train travel in stylish comfort to explore regional Britain. Bustling London is exciting, modern and cosmopolitan but there is so much more beyond into the very heart of England. Explore its rural core, based out of regional cities, with our new Tempo Superbreaks – a new range of rail packages to take advantage of the UK's extensive rail network.

Our Cotswolds and West Country Itinerary combines the very best of modern UK with the rustic England of old.

Charming in any season, the Cotswolds are a haven of rolling golden hills, the wolds, punctuated by copses of trees and wildflowers, alongside ancient manor houses with beautifully manicured gardens. The towns were largely developed during the fabric trade boom from the 14th to 16th century and still retain their old school charm, somehow missing the Industrial Revolution and providing a slice of rural English life of old. With countless teahouses, thatched roofed cottages and exquisitely carved limestone handicrafts, a visit to the Cotswolds captures the heart and soul of England.

Over four nights with accommodation in Bristol, travellers can make the most of the rail network, visiting local cities and picture-book towns, rolling through the gorgeous farmland, woodland and meadows of wildflowers. Experience Cheltenham as it goes through a New York Times labelled 'cultural renaissance'; admire the beauty of Worcester Cathedral or indulge in a little high street shopping; and, admire the original Roman bathhouse of Bath, with turquoise waters that still retain their healing properties.

Glimpsing honey-hued houses and rolling limestone hills framed by a train window somehow seems more romantic and idyllic, the Cotswolds at their very best. Train travel is not just a means of transportation but an experience in itself – and a flexible experience at that. With Tempo Holidays now offering a number of regional train travel Superbreaks, it is easy for us to tailor-make itineraries that incorporate a number of regional hotspots to make a more complete Britain itinerary.