History and Scenery in the Lakes District

Northern England is the home to dramatic landscapes, deep lakes, Roman ruins, the Beatles and many famous train lines. And what better way to see everything it has to offer than on one of our new rail itineraries encompassing the beautiful Lakes District and beyond?

In such a spectacular part of the world, no other form of travel provides you with quite the same opportunity to feast your eyes on the sights before you. Each flexible itinerary incorporates one of the famous train journeys of the UK: from the astounding beauty of the Cambrian Coast Line with its misty cloud formations over the sea and the abundance of wildlife; to the Trans-Pennine Express, through the dramatic green mountain range, known for its magnificent views.

Long before rail travel was possible, the North of England was a hive of Roman activity. Here in 120 CE, Emperor Hadrian feared the 'savages' of the North and to preserve his empire ordered the construction of a wall, spanning the width of the land. If this sounds a bit like the popular contemporary TV series, Game of Thrones, remember that life can sometimes be stranger than fiction. Today, abundant ruins of this engineering feat remain and the wild men 'Beyond the Wall' are England's Scottish neighbours.

On our Magical Lakes & Liverpool itinerary, travellers are based out of Preston with five days of exploration before them. It is a short rail journey to the City of Lakes, Carlisle, the once centre of Roman power by the Wall. In the shadows of the stone World Heritage ruins, the English/Scottish border lies.

On our Discover Lakes, Liverpool & Leeds itinerary, explore Chester with the most intact Roman Cavalry Fort in Britain. As one wanders through the well preserved ruins, it's not hard to imagine you can hear the jovial laughter from the officers quarters or the clang of sword against sword from the practice yard; smell the faint aroma of sweat and the horses outside overlaid with sweet perfumes from the bath house; or even see a glimpse of a rough-hewn tunic forever swishing around the corner in front of you.

For more contemporary history, Liverpool is the home of the Beatles and a significant trade port since the 1700s. Shaking away the shackles of an insalubrious past, Liverpool is a significant cosmopolitan city with many hip cafes, bars and restaurants, as well as High Street shopping and small boutiques.

The train out to Windermere from either Manchester or Preston is a picturesque journey, taking travellers into the heart of the Lakes District and the largest lake in England. Travellers can enjoy a cruise on the lake or visit some of the most quaint lakeside villages, popular tourist destinations since the train line opened in the 1800s.

Our new Tempo Superbreaks give travellers the chance to soak up regional Britain at their leisure and see scenery inaccessible by car, while indulging in the nostalgia inherent on any railway journey.