Gastronomy 101: French Food

Engorge yourself on our Gastronomy 101 series and discover the most delectable, most fragrant and most mouthwatering treats that Europe has to offer. Read about some fabulous French cuisine below...

France is the country of romance, wine and cheese - and we can help you with at least two of these things! No, we're not offering a match-making service but rather the chance to experience the very best wine, cheese and other classic French cuisine that the country of love has to offer.

Each region of France has a proud gastronomie heritage, producing locally made bread, cheese, wine, cured meats: the list goes on. And so it follows that one of the best ways to understand France is through its food.

In the south were food is cooked in light olive oil, flavours are simple and bread is light, it is said that people are more relaxed and laid-back. Whereas in the north, where food is cooked in rich butter, strong flavours dominate and the bread is thick & grainy, people are supposedly more loquacious, quick to laugh and share a tale.

Whether this proves true or not, the food and wine of France is deeply part of the culture and locals are exceptionally proud of their food heritage. On any of the below mentioned itineraries, you will see the passion and love that goes into creating such delicious food by interacting with local farmers, vignerons, sommeliers and chefs.

Your French Kitchen

Paris MarketA trip to Paris is incomplete without wandering around the beautiful markets. Awash with gleaming vegetables, the scent of spice wafting through the air, and the raucous cries of hawking stall-holders, allow yourself to be absorbed in market life on our French Market Tour and Class. After your tour of the market, you will return to the classroom kitchen, fresh produce in hand, to prepare a delicious seasonal meal, under the guidance of a professional chef.

Speaking of cooking, the notoriously difficult to create French delicacy of macarons can be conquered by you after a two or three hour French Macaron Class. The three hour intensive is ideal for those who want to perfect these elegant, colourful pastries.

Tastebud explosion

If you prefer to eat over cook, the Bellies on Foot day tour is for you. Taking you through the winding streets of old Paris, you will visit the very foundations of the French culinary scene, collecting produce along the way. Then with fresh bread, charcuterie, fromage, froie gras and sweets in hand, it's time to sit back and relax with a glass in hand, to enjoy your treasure trove of produce.

Patisserie_Paris_Food_Wine_ToursFor all those sweet-tooths out there, it's hard to look further than the patisseries of Paris when you think of heaven.  Handmade chocolates, intricately decorated tarts, wafer thin pastries that melt on your mouth - the Marais is is home to all of this and more. Over two hours, enjoy wandering the streets of this hip part of Paris on the Let Them Eat Cake tour and sample all the delicious treats on offer.

Incorporate one of these fantastic foodie experiences into your Paris short break, such as a Taste of Paris or Parisian Classics, to really explore the city of lights.

Beyond Paris, there is so much delicious regional food and wine to discover on many of our itineraries. On the Normandy, Brittany and The Loire Valley small group tour, see chateaux, battle-scarred landscapes of France's northern shores, centuries old villages and hilltop monasteries as you eat and drink your way through the region. Sample Calvaldos (cider) in Normandy, wine in the Loire and cheese in Brittany, with delicious restaurant dinners along the way.

Alternatively, we also offer three different Chateaux & Wines small group day tours out of the Loire Valley, that can be incorporated into a wider itinerary.

See our in-depth Gastronomy 101: French Wines for tours, itineraries and packages focusing on le vin de la belle France.

If you are interested in any of these food adventures or want to craft your very own tailor-made gastronomical tour of France, contact one of our agents today.