Africa: Tipping Guide

Tipping is an expected part of the service industry in Africa - but then we come across the age old dilemma of how much to tip? We've asked our local on ground specialist team for advice on what is appropriate, although you can always tip more if you are particularly impressed.

On safaris, most major currencies are accepted but US dollars are usually preferred, and as such the below is in USD. There is of course the option to pay in local currency.

Drivers, Guides or Trackers

On a private safari - $15 per day
On seat in vehicle safaris - $10 per day
On fly-in safaris - $5 per game drive
Bush walk guide - $6 to $8 per bush walk
Boat excursion (boat driver/guide) - $4 to $5 per excursion
Balloon safari pilot - at your discretion
Trackers on treks (Gorillas/Chimps) - $10 per trek
Transfer drivers - $1 or $2 per transfer

Hotel and Lodge staff

Porters - $1 per bag per lift
Food servers (when meals are part of the package) - $1 per meal
Food servers (when meals are being paid) - 10%
Beverage servers - 10%
Room stewards/maids - $1 to $2 per day if staying more than one night
Butler service - $5.00 per day
Please note that hotel staff generally get a portion of service charge included in the prices

Camp crew at Serengeti Explorer Camp or similar shared accommodation

For the crew (shared between the staff at camp) - $12 to $15 per day in camp
Includes porters and food/beverage service

For Kilimanjaro climbs

You should budget $35 per climber day on the mountain to be shared with the climb staff at the end of the climb.

In general...

During the safari, other services might be provided such as a visit to a Maasai village. Tipping at these places is not required but you may choose to provide a small tip at your discretion. Should you wish to photograph local people outside of organised visits, you should remember to ask permission which may include a small tip of $1 or $2.

All tips are based on per person and at the traveller’s discretion. Parents should consider tipping 50% of the suggested rates on behalf of their children.