Africa: Health, Safety and Security Tips

Generally, if you are prepared and take care while travelling you will run into no health, safety or security issues. Check with your doctor as to what vaccinations you may need before visiting and to have any necessary prescriptions written up.

Below is some general advice, although some things may not apply to you.


To help overcome the effects of long flights, we suggest drinking a lot of fluids including juice and bottled water.  Should you feel ill during your trip, let your driver-guide or local representative know.

As outlined above, all travellers should consult their doctors before travel and get advice as to the appropriate medications and inoculations for their safari. It is important that travellers take their medications as instructed for the full duration indicated including after returning home. Bear in mind that both Kenya and Tanzania require proof of inoculation against yellow fever, even when travelling between these countries - both by air and road.

You should not underestimate the dangers of the equatorial sun. Hats, sun screen and sun glasses are strongly recommended.


We suggest drinking only bottled water during your stay in Africa. It is important that you remain well hydrated and we recommend drinking lots of water.

Safety and Security in Cities

If you are staying in a town or city during your trip, you should ask for advice from the local representative or hotel staff concerning safe places to visit. Walking at night and alone is not recommended. Taxis should be arranged by the hotel and a price agreed before starting the trip. We suggest you do not wear expensive jewellery at any time during your trip.

Safety and Security on Safari

During the safari, the driver-guide will offer instructions concerning safety. This includes advising tour members when it is safe to exit the vehicle. At lodges and camps, the staff will often escort guests to and from the rooms to ensure safety. Most lodges and camps do not have fences. Remember that wild animals can be dangerous. Please always securely fasten your seatbelt when the vehicle is moving, even during game drives.